FIVE – Fires in vehicles is organized by RISE Safety and Transport.

Fires in vehicles pose a significant threat to life and property. Fires in buses have been in focus due to catastrophic fatal incidents for example in France, Germany, USA and in several countries around Asia, South America and Africa. Train fires are not as frequent but when they happen the consequences can be severe. A nightmare scenario is a large vehicle fire in a tunnel or other critical infrastructure. At the same time new fuels, such as natural gas, and different types of electrical vehicles continue to emerge in response to our need for sustainable transport alternatives. In addition are new materials and techniques introduced into vehicles, including solar panels and automation. These alternatives introduce new fire challenges that need to be accounted for.  

In response to the pressing need for international dialogue RISE Safety and Transport is organising the conference: FIVE (Fires In Vehicles). The objective of this conference is to exchange knowledge of fires in vehicles, including both on-road, off-road and rail vehicles. In recognition of the fact that many of the fire problems faced by these vehicles are the same, the solutions to them can also be similar.

FIVE brings together scientists, regulators, test engineers, rescue services, industry, suppliers, manufacturers, operators, insurance companies and other organisations from the diverse field of transportation to discuss important fire issues. We believe that this exchange of knowledge will significantly enhance economic, safe  and sustainable solutions to problems in the fire area.

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