Keynote Speakers

Each day is opened by invited Keynote Speakers, leaders in their field, providing an overview of their topic of expertise as an introduction to the themes of the day.

FIVE 2018 has the following confirmed Keynote Speakers.

Peter Newman, OTSI, Australia
Peter Newman has been an investigator at the NSW Office of Transport Safety Investigations (OTSI) since 2004, the year the office commenced. He has conducted investigations into bus, ferry and rail incidents. He also conducts rail investigations for the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. As investigator in charge he has completed numerous bus fire investigations, including the bus fire on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 2016. For the past 3 years he has compiled the annual summary report on ‘Bus Fires in NSW’.
Peter holds a Master of Safety Management from the University of Technology Sydney, a Graduate Certificate in Transport Safety from UNSW and a Diploma of Transport Safety Investigation from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. He is a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia.

Annika Ahlberg Tidblad, Volvo Car Group, Sweden
Annika is an electrochemist with extensive experience working with diverse aspects of battery technology and application. She is currently employed by Volvo Cars Corporation where she is committed to developing propulsion battery solutions for electric vehicles. Annika represents OICA in UN regulation development for Electric Vehicle Safety (EVS) and Environmental Factors (EVE) and is vice chair of ACEA TF-EVS. Previous employments include, Senior Engineer at Scania, Technical Director of Battery Expertise at Etteplan, Global Technical Manager for Electrochemical Energy Sources at Intertek and Senior Consultant in Battery Technology at Sagentia Catella.

Ola Willstrand, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
Ola Willstrand works at the department of Fire Research at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Safety & Transport Division, since 2013. He is leading different types of projects focused on vehicle fire safety, fire detection, and spray diagnostics. Mr. Willstrand has experience of performing laboratory fire tests, from small-scale to full-scale, including extensive testing of different types of fire detection systems for vehicles. He has developed new test methods and certification rules in the area of vehicle fire safety and is involved in training offered by RISE within this area. Mr. Willstrand holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics from Lund University.